Company Profile

Company Profile

Message from the President

I believe that running a company means contributing to society.

Japan’s population is aging, and it is hard to know what the future holds for ourn children. People everywhere are concerned with maintaining their health and staying active as they age; nobody wants to be a burden.

Even if it’s just for a simple vacation with your partner, people want to be their youngest self. Jelly supplements are an excellent source of nutrition when you aren’t hungry, but need to take medicine.
Not only are they easy to swallow, but they can also be enjoyed like a simple dessert.

Young people are very aware of fashion and skin condition. But maintaining healthy skin requires more vitamins than can be easily consumed by eating vegetables.
Gelatinized collagen supplements are an indispensible product for maintaining healthy skin.

We are proud to provide jellied products that help customers satisfy a wide variety of crucial needs.

President & CEO
Hidekazu Tsutsui

Company's Profile

Trade Name Makishokuhin Co., Ltd.
President & CEO Mr. Hidekazu Tsutsui
Address 3-227- 4 Tsushimaya, Higashi Ward
Niigata City 950-0801
Est. June 1 st , 1977
Capital 10 Million JPY
Employees 21
FYE Mar 31 st
Bank Daishi-Hokuetsu Bank Heijima Branch Office
Factory Grounds 3200m2
Business Content Supplement jelly production / sachet soup production / side dish production / soft drink production / confectionery production
Sales 1000 Million JPY
Main Customers Ichimasa Kamaboko / Hakubaku / Iwase Cosfa / Kongo / Kongo Yakuhin
Main Suppliers Kamiyama Bussan / Kongo Yakuhin / Iwase Cosfa / Kaya Cellophane / Mitsubishi Shoji Foodtech / LI Holdings


1977 June Established as a limited liability company
1994 June HQ and new factory established at current address
1996 April Makishokuhin undergoes capital increase Incorporates to become Makishokuhin Co., Ltd.
Sept Introduction of heat sterilizer (Plate Heat Exchanger, Hisaka Works)
Nov Introduction of shell and tube heat sterilizer (viscous soup sterilizer, BM Shouwa)
1997 April Introduction of Sanko FR1 high performance pouch packaging machine (20,000 packs/hr)
1999 July Introduction of Sanko FR1L high performance pouch packaging machine (20,000 packs/hr)
2000 April Introduction of Sanko FR01 high performance pouch packaging machine (20,000 packs/hr)
2001 April Introduction of Orihiro stand-up pouch packing machine (switch from roll film to stand-up pouches)
2004 April Introduction of Taisei Lamick DANGAN (20,000 packs/hr)
2005 Feb Introduction of two Kajiwara Cooking Mixers (600L)
March Introduction of Taisei Lamick DANGAN (20,000 packs/hr)
2012 Jan Introduction of two Kajiwara Cooking Mixers (360L & 1,000L)
2013 March Introduction of Taisei Lamick DANGAN (20,000 packs/hr)
Aug Additional factory newly constructed on adjacent lot
2015 March Introduction of Taisei Lamick DANGAN (ASTRON)(10,000 packs/hr)
Sept Introduction of Taisei Lamick DANGAN"G" (high capacity type)(20,000 packs/hr)
2016 Feb Introduction of YUUKI VPM6E(back clad three follicles large bag,up to 1kg)
March Introduction of Sanko pouch packaging machine (20,000 packs/hr)
Introduction of FR3 ultra sonic sealing
2017 Jan Introduction of Orihiro VH100 (T pouch packaging machine)
March Introduction of twoTaisei Lamicks DANGAN MARK2 (20,000 packs/hr X2)
July Introduction of Kajiwara Cooking Mixer (1,500L)
2021 Jan Introduction of Orihiro ONPACA13000US (T pouch packaging machine)